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Direct Mail


A leading cooking magazine publisher needed a more sophisticated campaign optimization strategy to improve subscriber response while maintaining their traditionally high payment rates. The client devised a head-to-head test to select a provider with the best model for reactivating their 18 month to five year expired subscribers.


In the first part of the test, Alliant and five other analytics and data providers were given a development sample of 550,000 names. The goal was to create a reactivation solution capable of increasing revenue from the client’s lapsed customer file. The Alliant team applied its expertise in maximizing net paid subscriptions for publishers and the results were impressive: Names in the top 5% group of the Alliant development sample responded at almost three times the rate of the sample average, with a slight increase in payment rates.


The client then asked each provider to use their model to score the same file of expired subscribers — approximately 1.8 million names. After scoring, the client selected the top segments from each provider’s model for the live test.  Twelve weeks later, the client published compiled results and announced which provider would be providing scoring for all future reactivation campaigns.  Alliant took first prize.


Head-to-head, Alliant’s model delivered a feast for the publisher: 123% more mailable names and 173% more responders than its next nearest competitor and impressive response rates in the Alliant segments ranging from 3.30% to 4.48%.


The Alliant model is now in roll-out as the publishers only selection tool for expire segments.

Insight at Work

Alliant behavioral and payment information identifies more consumers ready to resubscribe


More Mailable Names Than Nearest Competitor


More Responders Than Nearest Competitor


Response Rates Across All Alliant Segments