Alliant Privacy Policy

Alliant Data Services and Website Privacy Policy

Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions, LLC (“We” or “Alliant”) provides database marketing and analysis solutions that help businesses market their products and services more efficiently to existing and prospective customers. Our solutions are used for both online and offline marketing applications.

Alliant adheres to the data practices described in this privacy policy. We recognize and respect the privacy interests of the individuals about whom we process information, and about whom we maintain information in our database.  The purpose of this Data Usage and Privacy Policy is to provide information about:

  • The types of information that Alliant collects and how we collect it
  • How the information is used by Alliant
  • Security of the information collected
  • Alliant’s user privacy and opt-out policies

We also operate corporate websites, designed for our own customers and prospective customers, and others who want to learn about our services.  We address the information we collect and use for those purposes in Section 6 of this Privacy Policy.

In this Privacy Policy, we describe the information we collect, receive and use in our products and services, collectively, as the “Information.”

  1. Our Cooperative:Alliant provides a variety of services and solutions that help marketers tailor marketing to the most likely interests of consumers and to thus provide consumers with more relevant advertising and marketing (“Services”).In conjunction with providing these services, Alliant maintains a cooperative database containing consumer purchasing and transactional data contributed by marketers with which we have contractual relationships (our “Members”). The proprietary data that Alliant uses to provide our services is primarily sourced directly from these Members.  Our Cooperative does not collect personal information or data directly from consumers.
  2. How We Deliver Our Data Services: We provide and deliver our data services in a variety of ways, which may include append services (e.g., providing insight to companies about their customers), data installations (e.g., providing our database for broad usage by a company), and other analytics and measurement services related to commercial activity. In each case, we may use the personal information we describe above, in sub-Section (a). We describe these services in more detail, in Section 2.
  1. This data from Members includes personal information which may include first and last name, physical and email address and other identifying or contact information that Members collect directly from consumers. Information we collect also includes information about the transactions customers undertake with each Member, which is generally matched to some or all of the above identifiers.
  2. We also may associate the above information with information we receive from other sources, such as other companies that compile datasets from public and private sources: this additional information includes information about consumer’s demographics, IP address, interest, likely purchasing preferences, hobbies or other lifestyle data.
  3. Alliant does not collect, receive, store nor process the data of any person located in the European Union (EU) and thus is not subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Alliant uses the Information for various purposes, including the following.

As Part of Our Services:

  • Data Marketing Services. We use the Information to provide our Services, including those described in Section 1 above, and described in additional detail on this website.   Our customers include (but are not limited to) a range of retailers, content providers and platforms, small and large businesses, non-profits, and other data and advertising platforms.
  • Online Targeting. We sometimes create defined audience segments (“Audience Segments”) based on common demographics and/or shared (actual or inferred) interests or preferences (e.g., households with prospective students), as described in Section (1)(c).  When we do this, we work with a data partner that “matches” our Information through de-identification techniques (such as through coded data “hashing”) with online cookies and other identifiers, in order to target and measure online ad campaigns across various display, mobile and other media channels. You may learn more about how to opt out of this and other online ad targeting in Section 5.
  • Additional Marketing Services. Other Services we may sometimes provide to our customers (or that they may provide to their own customers), which may overlap with or supplement the above, may involve (a) assistance in targeting and optimizing of direct mail and email campaigns, display, mobile and social media marketing; (b) measuring the effectiveness of online or offline ad campaigns by determining which messages are most likely to be seen or opened by which types of consumers, or which types of ads are most likely to lead to purchases; (c) analyzing and optimizing our customers’ (or their service providers’) proprietary databases, or helping customers to identify and mitigate potential fraud; or (d) providing “verification” or data “hygiene” services, which is how companies update and/or “clean” their databases by either verifying or removing or correcting old, incorrect or outdated information.
  • Credit Database:Alliant also maintains a credit  database which contains consumer information that has been provided to us as a specialized consumer reporting agency and which we license to users for the permissible purposes set forth in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  Consumers can opt-out of receiving these prescreened credit offers, as described in Section 5, which also describes how consumers can use to obtain a free copy of their Alliant credit report as provided for by the FCRA.

To Operate Our Services:

We also use the Information for solely internal purposes – such as to test, improve, update, secure and verify our own database, develop new products, and generally to operate, analyze improve and secure our Services and secure and test our databases and servers.

Alliant may share the Information with customers, marketing services and platforms, and service providers that we retain, in order to provide the Services we have described above (or other services we may add) and as described below  This includes the below sharing:

  • Customers: As described above, we license the Information in various ways to our customers (and sometimes to partners and resellers, who license the Information to their customer), when we provide our Services.
  • Partners: We also may share the Information, including personally identifiable information and Audience Segments, with business and data partners to help provide more tailored targeted marketing, advertising and communications. Likewise, we may do so for analytical purposes, including to help these other parties measure campaign performance, inform future campaigns, or to handle, analyze, or segregate this Information on our or our customers’ behalf.
  • Service Providers: We share the Information with a variety of service providers in order to operate, protect and advertise our Services and maintain our website. For instance, we may share the Information with tech and customer support providers, marketing and advertising providers, other data providers (such as to enhance or verify our Information), security vendors, payment vendors (as to our business to business information), and other companies help us deliver or develop Services.
  • Corporate transfers: If Alliant, its stock, equity or its material assets are acquired by or merged into another entity, our information will be transferred to that entity, and may be shared during due diligence in anticipation of any such transaction.
  • Affiliates, parent companies and subsidiaries: Alliant may share some or all of the Information in our possession with any affiliated or subsidiary companies (if we ever have any).
  • As required by law or to protect any person or entity: Alliant may disclose Information if we believe that such disclosure is necessary to (a) comply in good faith with relevant laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants served on us; or (b) to protect or otherwise defend the rights, property or safety of Alliant, our customers, or any other person or entity.
  • You may opt out at this link. When you do this, you will need to provide your name and any any email addresses you would like “opted out” of our marketing databases.   Or if you prefer, you can contact us directly by toll free phone number, at (833) 926-0701. Please be sure to leave a message indicating your name, any email addresses you would like “opted out” of our marketing databases, and a callback number. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to comply with your request if this information is incomplete or unintelligible.
  • We will then remove your personal information from our active marketing databases, and maintain your information in our “suppression” database in order to maintain your opt-out status. We may require that you verify any of the information that you submit, such as through a verified email response or another verified response.
  • If you live in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia, Utah, or any other State with a State privacy law, please see the special notice about your rights here.
  • If you would like to opt-out of direct mail advertising in general, we recommend that you visit the DMA Choice website, at The DMA Choice service is run by the Direct Marketing Association and allows you to follow few easy steps to ensure that your marketing preferences are honored.
  • If you would like to delete your Data from our Database you may do so at this link. When you do this, you will need to provide your name, you current address, your email address, and any prior home or email addresses you would like deleted from our marketing databases. Or if you prefer, you can contact us directly by toll free phone number, at (833) 926-0701. Please be sure to leave a message indicating your consumer preference, your name, you current address, your email address, and any prior home or email addresses you would like deleted of our marketing databases, and a callback number. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to comply with your request if this information is incomplete or unintelligible.
  • If you wish to opt out of online targeted ads (sometimes referred to as “interest-based”, “behavioural” or “personalized” advertising), including those facilitated with our Information (as described in Section 2) you can also visit the opt-out portals operated the industry groups the National Advertising Initiative (NAI) or the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), and you can learn more about how those opt-outs work on those linked web pages. Please note that these online opt-outs are cookie-based (unlike Alliant’s direct opt-out).  Thus, if you browse the web from multiple browsers or devices, you will need to opt out from each browser and/or device, and for the same reason, if you switch browsers or clear your browser cookies, you will need to perform this opt-out function again.  Opting-out in this way will not prevent you from seeing all types of online ads;  but it generally will prevent targeted ads customized to what advertisers think may be most likely to be relevant and of interest to you.
  • If we market to you by email, in our corporate capacity – such as if you are a customer or prospective customer of ours and we send information about our Services — you may “unsubscribe” from our marketing emails through a link placed in your emails.
  • To adjust your advertising preferences in iOS (version 12.4 and earlier), visit Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking or Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Reset advertising ID. For version 14.5 and later, please visit Apple Support here. To adjust your advertising preferences in Android, visit Settings > Google > Ads > Opt out of interest-based ads or Settings > Google Services & Preferences > Ads > Opt out of Ads Personalization. Additionally, visit to download the AppChoices Tool to control interest-based advertising on apps on your mobile device and
    for more information and instructions on opting out on mobile device.
  • To opt out of Connected TV/Streaming Devices please visit the settings at the following link: Connected TV Choices – NAI: Network Advertising Initiative (
  • Audience Matched Advertising Opt-Out. Alliant provides “Audience Matched Advertising” where Alliant, or its service providers, use hashed emails to create tailored digital advertising audiences. You may opt out of this e-mail based activity. To do so, please visit the link at the end of this sentence to the NAI’s website for more information and instructions on opting out of Audience Matched Advertising.

You also have choices related to how certain Information is used related to credit offers:

Opt-out Choice for Prescreened Credit Offers: To remove your name from files we provide to our credit database customers for use in sending prescreened credit or insurance offers, please review the additional information at the following link:

To Obtain a Free Copy of Your Alliant Credit Report:  To obtain a copy of your Alliant credit report, please go to the following link:

Cookies and How We Use Them

Alliant and its business partners use certain industry-standard technologies, including cookies and similarly functional technologies, which we describe below.   We use these technologies on our own website, for instance, and our partners, data sources and customers may use these technologies to market to you.

We may work with third parties to provide or enhance our services (e.g. for purposes of tailoring ads, or placing browser cookies), or to offer marketers ways to access or use our Information, often in de-identified form. These partners may set and access their own cookies, pixel tags and similar technologies on your device, which may have cookies with varying expiration periods. Those partners may likewise use cookies to collect various types of information about your browser, device, or browsing activities.

We or our service providers, and other online marketing platforms that we or they work with, may use cookies to, among other things, “remember” you, determine visitor patterns and trends, collect information about your activities on our clients’ sites, or interact with the advertising you see.   Cookies are used in this way to provide relevant content to you and  ads that better match your interests.

Disabling Cookies

Most web browsers are set up to accept cookies. You may be able to set your browser to warn you before accepting certain cookies or to refuse certain cookies. However, if you disable the use of cookies in your web browser, some features of our website and other services may be difficult to use or become inoperable.

Information Collected

Alliant collects information from users of our website(s) including:

  • The domain name and IP address of a user’s web browser, along with a time stamp and other information about a user’s browser or device.
  • Information about what content and pages users access, utilize or visit on our website, or how they interact with our content – for instance, if they spent a certain amount of time reviewing a particular blog post or description of particular services.
  • Information, including personally identifiable and contact information that you provide, which could include (for instance) survey information, sign-up information (e.g., if you sign up for events or newsletters), requests for information, mailing addresses and email addresses.

How Alliant uses the Information We Collect Through Our Website

We use the Information we collect through our website(s) to do the following:

  • Create and manage your unique user account.
  • Provide Services to you.
  • Respond to and communicate with you (including regarding news and updates about our services).
  • Send you offers and ads for our products and services, when you browse the website(s) or other companies’ websites on the Internet (such as to “retarget” you with information about our services).
  • Send you offers and ads for products and services of partner brands, or other offers we believe may be of interest to you, such as invitations to events and webinars.
  • Perform data analysis (including market research).
  • Combine the Information with other information we obtain from third parties, public sources, and any other product or service we provide to further improve the relevance and effectiveness of products, and advertisements offered, including (but not limited to) those provided on or through our services.
  • We may use IP addresses or other web data to diagnose problems with our servers and to administer our website(s). We also may use IP addresses to help identify visitors to our website(s) for the duration of a session and to gather demographic information about our visitors.
  • We may use clickstream data to determine how much time visitors spend on each web page of our website(s), how visitors navigate through the website(s), and how we may tailor our website(s) to better meet the needs of our visitors.
  • We also use any of the Information we collect or receive for purposes of compliance with our legal obligations, policies and procedures, including the enforcement of our Terms and Conditions.
  • If we collect Information from “offline” sources – such as if you provide us your business card at a trade show – we will maintain that information and use it for marketing and business purposes, as well.

How Alliant Shares the Information We Collect Through Our Websites

We may sometimes share or otherwise disclose the Information we collect or receive, including as follows:

  • We may share the Information with service providers who help us deliver, develop or improve the services you request or we provide. For instance, we share the Information with tech and customer support providers, marketing and advertising providers, other data providers (such as to enhance or verify our Information), security vendors, payment vendors (as to our business to business information), and other companies help us deliver or develop Services.
  • We may share the Information to communicate with you and market to you, including through email, direct mail or display media.
  • We will disclose your PII (or other Information) if we believe in good faith that we are required to do so by law, regulation or other government authority or to protect the rights, safety or property of ourselves or any person or entity. We may also cooperate with law enforcement agencies in any official investigation and we may disclose any Information to the requesting agency in doing so.
  • If we or all or substantially all of our assets, are purchased by another company (such as in a merger, consolidation, restructuring, the sale of stock and/or assets, or other corporate change or financing transaction), the Information in our possession will likely be transferred to the successor entity. We also may share the Information during the course of any due diligence process.

Our website uses cookies and similar technologies, both for its internal and operational purposes and to market to you (such as to retarget ads to you when you visit other sites across the Internet).

This website may provide links to other websites (or we may  otherwise provide information about companies or events) that Alliant thinks users will find interesting or useful.  Alliant is not responsible for the privacy practices of these other sites or companies.

Alliant takes steps to help ensure that the data we possess is housed and transmitted securely. This may include various types of physical and electronic security, including firewall protections, encryption, hashing or truncation of data, and access controls to personal information. While neither we nor any platform can guarantee 100 percent safety from hacks or illegal intrusion, we employ efforts that are designed to ensure that this does not occur.

From time to time, we may update this Privacy Policy.  Any changes to it will become effective when it is posted to our website.  Please check back to learn of any changes to this Privacy Policy.

If you are accessing our website from a location outside of the United States, your connection will be through and to servers located in the United States and all Information you provide will  be processed and securely maintained in our web servers and internal systems located within the United States.  (We likewise generally store the Information used in our Services in the United States.) Thus, you should be aware that in accessing this website or otherwise communicating with us, the information we collect or receive from you may be subject to laws with lesser or different privacy standards than those in your own country (such as if you are in a country located in the European Union and/or the United Kingdom). U.S. State  Residents, please click here to see specific disclosures related to U.S.  Privacy Acts.

Alliant has a designated privacy contact. If you have questions related to this Privacy Policy, or regarding our products or services, please contact us:

Corporate Counsel
Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions LLC
301 Fields Ln.
Brewster, NY 10509


We appreciate your comments and questions regarding Alliant’s privacy practices.

Effective: April 2, 2024