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People-based marketing powered by billions of consumer data points.

Audience Targeting

People-based marketing starts with Alliant Audiences. Derived from second party data and built at the PII Level, Alliant Audiences can reach your target audience across devices and channels, including display, video, email, direct mail, advanced TV, including OTT and addressable TV.


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In All Major Platforms

A Strong Foundation

At the core of Alliant’s solutions is the DataHub – a unique and secure Member database which aggregates billions of consumer transactions.

Data Enrichment

First party data is your most valuable asset. Take your CRM to the next level – layering in transactional, demographic, lifestyle & automotive attributes, predictive scores, fraud indicators and more. Insights are delivered in real-time to inform a personalized customer journey or in batch for modeling and analytics.


For Digital or Offline

High Match Rates

With Over 1B Link Keys


In Real-time or Batch

Build Something Bigger

The DataHub combines first party data with third party sources, advanced machine learning and team of experienced marketers to enable delivery of the right message, to the right audience, in any channel.

Predictive Modeling

Predict campaign performance against specific KPI’s such as response, payment or lifetime value – with custom built models at the deterministic, PII level. Immediately cut costs and be empowered to make more strategic decisions about segmentation and messaging.


Machine Learning


Prospect Universes


Lapsed Customers

Join a Community

The DataHub is more than the ultimate people based marketing tool – it is a true Hub of ideas, insight and community. Read more about DataHub Member Benefits such as data management, custom analytics, data security and access to unique content.