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Solution Applied




Direct Mail




Direct Mail


A national consortium of humanitarian regional mailers was challenged with lackluster response rates and low dollar donations with their direct mail acquisition efforts. In advance of their upcoming 2013 holiday campaign, the non-profit turned to Alliant to provide an audience that would improve their campaign performance.


Alliant modeled the non-profit’s prior mail file and donor data to deliver a custom audience that would not only drive response, but increase donation amount.  The model was a resounding success. As a result, the organization increased the quantity of Alliant names mailed in their campaigns, and continues to expand usage.


Modeled names are exceeding the mailer’s response goals in monthly mailings.


The solution greatly increased the quantity of records available from the Alliant database, assuring access to consistent pool of fresh names for promotion.


Even with an expanded universe, promotions are still meeting the client’s LTV goals.

Insight at Work

Further testing and refinement yielded valuable results for the non-profit:

Total Mailable Universe Expanded

Lifetime Value Goals Maintained