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Acquire. Enrich. Optimize.

People-based audiences rooted in billions of transactions.

Targeted Audiences

Quickly activate campaigns across devices and channels reaching high quality, compliant audiences.



Targeted segments readily available in all major platforms or for distribution to activation partners


100% People Based

Every audience is rooted in a unique 2nd party data set from the Alliant DataHub & securely built at the PII level


Trusted Data Provider

Alliant is a leading data provider trusted by thousands of buyers

Custom Audiences

Specific goals require that extra unique touch.

Alliant’s consultative approach will help you to hone in on the attributes that will drive the results you need. Select from a robust source of 2nd and 3rd-party data to create custom selections or look-alike and performance-based models. Or start with your 1st-party data and Alliant will use that as the signal to find the consumers that don’t just look-alike, but buy like, your best customers.

Audiences Where You Need Them

You need to be free to reach the right audience, at the right time, regardless of channel. We’ve built a massive database of billions of match keys so we can help you execute on that vision. Whatever the requirement, be it postal, email, IP or lat/long, we handle distribution so that you can execute.

Data Help Desk

Need a custom audience, recommendations on audience strategy, or assistance on a proposal? Our team is always available to consult on your specific data needs

Future-Proofed Delivery

Alliant solutions are built on top of an extensive identity graph, guaranteeing flexible connection and distribution options across channels.

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"Alliant has been an amazing partner. Their service is unmatched whether you're looking for guidance on targeting segments or just have random questions. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Alliant!"

Stephanie Foster

Advanced TV Sales Director, East – Verizon Media

Looking for Credit Solutions?

Did you know Alliant’s origins are in credit reporting? We serve as a robust source of alternative data for credit decisions, thin-file scoring, and billing management

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