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With digital showrooms at consumers’ fingertips, buyers know the vehicle they want well before they ever walk the lot. For dealers and OEMs, getting their vehicle considered during that short research phase is critical to making the sale. A Chicago-based ad agency challenged Alliant to deliver a regional audience of 10,000 consumers actively in-market for a new vehicle. The audience would compete head-to-head with the client’s go-to source of auto audiences based on geography, make and model data. The winner will drive the most confirmed sales for the local dealer group.


A consumer about to make an auto purchase gives off a number of signals that indicate they are ready to buy. However, the vast majority of audiences in the ecosystem rely on less qualified data sources — such as website browsing, vehicle ownership, make and model data — that mildly suggest an interest, but hardly confirm an intent to purchase.


Alliant’s difference is deep consumer insight rooted in PII-level data, representing 180 million vehicle owners by make and model, sourced from service departments nationwide. Billions of demographic, lifestyle and transactional data points provide a clear picture of an auto buyer’s behavior during those precise moments leading up to a purchase — and enable Alliant to identify other consumers with the same characteristics. The final test panel delivered consisted of regional auto owners that ranked within the top 20% of consumers for in-market propensity.


The agency pitted Alliant’s audience against their go-to solution, targeting each with the same creative messaging for 90 days. To determine the winner, the agency hired a global information company to match each audience to verified vehicle title transfer records to confirm the number of auto sales generated by each audience.


The standard solution drove 400 auto purchases; a solid performance by standard measures.


The Alliant in-market segment powered 300% more vehicle purchases for a groundbreaking 1,200 verified sales.

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