The in-house digital marketing team at a leading satellite TV provider was looking to reach homeowners, new movers, and consumers likely to purchase their satellite services. A key campaign goal was to identify audiences with strong payment performance and high lifetime value.


Alliant combined its deterministic homeowner, new mover, and propensity to purchase satellite audiences with high tiers of consumer purchase performance. Alliant’s Payment Score segments are useful for targeted marketing to consumers with higher expected lifetime values. The selected custom audiences were then integrated into Facebook through Alliant’s distribution partner, LiveRamp. The client solidified that Alliant and LiveRamp are a unique part of their targeting efforts: “We aren’t utilizing any other third-party data, just first-party, lookalike modeling, and Facebook native targeting.”


The Alliant audiences exceeded KPI goals in both scale — some audiences as large as 22 million — and performance. The initial read from the client: “Performance looks good, as well as scalable…The makeup of the segments we requested was to reach the goal of driving sales from users with high lifetime value. And we have reached our goal for that specific business KPIs.” They plan to use the audiences going forward due to the favorable results.


View Alliant's full audience taxonomy here.


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