Consumers' media consumption habits have evolved and so has the way brands communicate with consumers. Such was the case with a leading financial institution, which launched a brand awareness campaign in March 2021.

Shifting viewing patterns created an opportunity for a new targeting approach and the brand focused their audience strategy in Addressable Linear TV. The campaign objective was to drive consideration in established markets and increase awareness in growth markets.


In partnership with Cadent, the leading advanced TV platform, this brand was able to utilize Alliant Audiences to deliver targeted TV ads to the right households – powered by Cadent’s Aperture Viewer Graph. The campaign ran on Verizon and Comcast, prioritizing top DMAs. The Alliant Audiences used in the campaign included “Financial Interest” and “Self-Improvement,” both of which were developed from deterministic purchase data from consumers buying across financial and self-improvement categories.


The Alliant Audiences targeted campaign generated 28 million impressions. The financial institution measured campaign success in a holistic brand health study, factoring in the context of all media running. Highlights from the brand health study include positive lifts in brand favorability and unaided brand awareness. Notably, upon exposure to the addressable ads, the target audience was more likely to make an online deposit, call the bank or visit the website within the next 30 days.




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