As an existing client, a major multichannel marketer used ProfitSelect™ — an Alliant on-demand payment model — to score website visitors and use the insight to customize their product offering in real-time. While successful, Alliant saw an opportunity to further improve the model results and recommended the client join the Alliant DataHub.


As a Member of the DataHub, the client was built custom Member-specific variables, and new data fields were integrated to further improve the performance of the model — including Device ID and Time of Day


To determine whether the new model would outperform ProfitSelect™, the client conducted an A/B split test.


The results were conclusive: Member-specific custom variables improved the success of the model — lifting performance by as much as 13% in the top score group.


The benefits of membership in the Alliant Data Hub were clear. The client rolled out the new model and continues to explore new ways to leverage Member benefits to increase profitability.





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Increase in Average Order Value Using Custom Member Variables

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