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Unify your most important Audience in the Alliant DataHub

Private DataMart

As a member of the DataHub your disparate CRM is gathered in one unique location – a Private DataMart. Use this asset to segment and optimize in every channel and explore the vast benefits of being a DataHub Member

  • Unique Customer ID

    Every Alliant DataMart starts with the creation of a unique customer ID. Now you can analyze the activity of each customer across every channel — even if your own systems do not unify CRM data.

  • Custom Predictive Variables

    Alliant develops custom variables for each DataMart. These business-specific predictors provide powerful segmentation insights and significantly enhance the performance of all of your predictive models.

  • Database Enrichment

    With your unified data records under Alliant’s management, you can elect to have missing variables and attributes seamlessly appended to your files as they become available. CRM can be enhanced with newly updated emails, mobile device identifiers, postal addresses, and predictive/descriptive variables.

  • CRM Segmentation

    Alliant provides CRM segmentation services for all DataHub Members. These services allow members to utilize their custom Alliant performance models to optimize and select targeted audiences.

  • Execute Anywhere

    Modeled audiences will be created, anonymized and then delivered in any channel, from display ads and social to email and direct mail. Digital audiences are integrated with major data exchanges and DSPs and can push to walled gardens such as Amazon and Facebook.

  • Exclusive Community

    Community encourages member interaction and inspires new perspectives and creativity. DataHub Members can easily exchange promotional names with others utilizing Cross Member Modeling. The quarterly InsightHub newsletter offers an exclusive opportunity to see innovation at work in the industry and at Alliant.

"Alliant has been a true business partner for Boardroom over the years. Their custom models consistently perform well and help improve profitability for outside list and house promotions for our newsletter and book products."

Rita Shankewitz

Director of Marketing — BottomLine Inc.

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