A Different Breed of

Cooperative Database

Member Data is the Foundation for All Alliant Solutions

Billions of consumer transactions are transformed and enriched to power audience solutions that drive marketing profit.

The Data is Different

Many cooperatives offer a multi-tenant, aggregated view of consumer orders and preferences. Alliant collects transaction-level details for each and every purchase — including “positive” and “negative” behaviors — giving us the power to predict the value of every consumer for any offer.

Aggregation for Analytics

Proprietary data aggregation methods transform Member data into unique variables designed for analytics. The result — stable and predictive solutions that deliver targeted and profitable audiences in any channel.

500+ Brands280+ Million Customers3+ Billion Purchase Transactions18K Predictive VariablesEnterprise Level SpeedSecure & SOC 2 Certified

500+ Brands

DataHub Members span DTC markets, including multichannel retail, subcomm, publishing, non-profit and more. Their data is updated monthly, and enhanced with powerful lifestyle, demographic, and social attributes.

280+ Million Customers

The DataHub captures consumer behavior across channels and devices so marketers can engage prospects and customers with precision and personalization. People-based marketing at scale.

3+ Billion Purchase Transactions

Deeper transactional resources produce bigger insights. Alliant digs into purchase behaviors to go beyond a single positive indicator, such as a purchase, to identify long-term profitable performers.

18K Predictive Variables

Data science transforms raw data points into predictive variables, optimizing them for advanced modeling. Members benefit from custom variables that further improve campaign performance.

Enterprise Level Speed

A powerful big data environment built on Hadoop and SAS Viya enables lightning-fast solution delivery. Real-time data enrichment API executes at ad-tech speeds, averaging sub-100ms response.

Secure & SOC 2 Certified

Alliant’s proprietary data aggregation process was designed with Members to protect the integrity and sources of their customer data. Alliant platforms are CCPA-ready and real-time solutions executed in audited SOC 2 Type II, compliant facilities.

People Based Marketing in Any Channel

Explore how Alliant’s Audience Solutions can drive your marketing ROI

Audience Targeting

Reach Consumers Across Channels & Devices

Data Enrichment

Custom Overlays & Real-time Lead & Order Scoring

Predictive Modeling

Optimization for Marketing Profitability

Take Your Audience Strategy Further

DataHub Membership delivers more than powerful data, it provides your team with access to world-class data science, custom variables, multi-channel solutions and preferred pricing — plus a team of consultative experts to help navigate opportunities.

Discover How Member Data Privacy and Compliance is Our Top Priority

A Community Built on Insight

DataHub Members thrive on marketing excellence. Become a part of our community and start a transformative collaborative experience.

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“Alliant has been a true business partner for BottomLine over the years. Their custom models consistently perform well and help improve profitability for outside list and house promotions for our newsletter and book products.”

Rita Shankewitz

Director of Marketing — BottomLine Inc.

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