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Make Direct Mail Your Most Profitable Channel. Again.

Alliant Direct Mail Optimization gives you the power to optimize any campaign’s performance. A custom model helps you project the performance of your campaign against the profit triggers that drive your P&L. You make more informed choices about audience segments and offers, and use that insight to build a better bottom line.

  • Eliminate Prospects Who Won’t Respond or Pay

    After merge/purge, Alliant applies a custom model to rank the consumers in your campaign for expected response and profitability. You select the consumers to be suppressed from your campaign ― across sources ― and save mailing costs for non-responders or poor payers.

  • As Essential As Merge/Purge

    Merge/Purge is a necessary step in every direct mail campaign to eliminate wasted marketing dollars. ACI provides an additional layer of critical list intelligence. Send your post Merge/Purge file to Alliant and we’ll tell you which names will perform poorly in response and profitability.

  • Give Each Prospect Your Best Offer

    Insight from ACI lets you make informed decisions about what offer to mail different segments: Top-tier prospects may receive mailings with higher pricing; mid-level prospects receive control offers and favorable intro rates; low ranking consumers may receive cash-only offers or be suppressed.

  • Mine the Right Names for Reactivation

    ACI also provides a powerful tool for profitably reactivating lapsed or dormant names from your house-file. In addition to a custom model, you can use Verity™, Alliant’s multi-enterprise RFM product, to easily qualify old and inactive names for new promotions.

  • Find More Names to Mail

    ACI expands your promotable universe. Your model can be used to “mine” additional lists or expansion segments for qualified names, so you can replace poor names with high performers. ACI also helps marketers prospect more deeply into marginal score tiers from list co-ops.