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Google’s Anti-Discriminatory Targeting Rules Require Legal and Analytic Collaboration

While the ad world is still game-planning for how to operate once Google sunsets the cookie, the media giant went ahead and made another decision that effects targeting and goes into action much sooner…

Why You Need to Build a Data Governance Team Right Now

Modern marketing has increasingly become a data-driven practice by necessity. Any organization lacking a data strategy is lagging behind its technologically advanced competitors. The data that marketers use on a daily basis for market research and advertising decisions — consumer purchases, behaviors, and interests — has never been more important, nor has it ever been under greater scrutiny.

How to Keep the Conversation Going in an Economic Downturn

The global pandemic has thrust us all into uncharted and unexpected territory. The uncertainty around what the new world looks like has put the advertising and marketing industries in a strange place, one where over-promoting to consumers can feel…

Debunking Addressable TV Advertising's Biggest Myth: Scale

While scale is nice, the key benefit of addressable is not massive reach, but in the ability to target efficiently. It is counter-intuitive to try to hit all 64 million households with one addressable campaign – instead, the true value comes from hitting your desired audience…

The Cookie's Collapse is No More Consequential than the Shift to Mobile

The cookie is on its last days, enjoying an extended farewell tour, thanks to Google’s decision to view third-party cookies as obsolete within Chrome by 2022. While many have painted the cookie’s waning days…

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Alliant Achieves IAB Tech Lab Certification for Data Transparency

Alliant, a leading data-driven audience company, is now one of the first companies to be verified under IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency Standard compliance program. The Data Transparency Label program gives data buyers tools and insights to provide them with confidence they’re getting what is advertised in an audience segment. With a deep history of building high quality audience solutions, Alliant’s certification reaffirms to brands, agencies and other data partners the company’s unwavering commitment to operating with the highest standards of data compliance and transparency.

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