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Why data co-ops may be a path forward for identity solutions

Lately it feels as if the entire digital advertising landscape shifts every time one of Google’s product leads dashes off an early morning blog post. The latest has the industry fretting, with Google’s proclamation in March that it will not build or support alternative identifiers once Chrome stops supporting third-party cookies sometime next year…

Advertisers, Do You Know Where Your Audiences Come From?

The looming end of the third-party cookie has pitched the marketing industry into crisis mode. Advertisers and agencies are well aware that the data they collect and the third-party audiences they rely on will change in the near future. But are enough marketers stopping to ask themselves what they know about the data partners and audiences they work with today?

Digital Boomerang: New Online Customers Drive Boost In Returns

New customers spent 144% more last year than they did in 2019, and that may be because there were more of them, judging by a new report from Alliant… 

How retail can prepare for post-pandemic reality, on and offline

The pandemic has dramatically shifted the way that we buy things. With stores no longer feeling safe, many consumers have turned online. According to Digital Commerce 360, ecommerce grew 32% in 2020 from the prior year, accounting for nearly 75% of the total retail gains in 2020 (the highest share of overall annual growth the online sector has ever represented)…

Data cooperatives are unlocking collaborative strategies for brands

Mounting pressure on legacy digital identifiers and expanding consumer data regulations recently prompted leading management consultancy, the Winterberry Group, to explore the marketing industry’s response…

Your Custom Model Didn’t Work… Now What?

Data driven marketing is at its best when powered by predictive analytics. Many brands hum along on big platform machine learning algorithms, generating lookalike audiences for acquisition. Others go beyond this lightweight approach, harnessing their first party data, enhancing it with second- or third-party data and optimizing with custom models…

Marketing in 2021: Universal ID Race and Creative Efficiency

With 2021 already dubbed the ‘Year of Pandemic Advertising,’ marketers face significant challenges as they navigate new realities—from deciphering which consumer behaviors are temporary and which are permanent, to realigning customer experience with shifting sentiment. Not surprisingly, advertising budgets remain as unpredictable as Covid’s trajectory. Only 10% of ad buyers feel like they have a clear handle on their budgets, while seven out of ten report “little to no” clarity….

Now is the Time for DTC Marketers to Level Up their Variable Game

Digitally native direct-to-consumer brands thrived in large part thanks to the audience targeting models of social platforms. But many brands have found that they’ve pushed walled garden advertising to the limits, and that was before the pandemic…

Brands need to use the pandemic to clean up their data

Making first-party data more accessible is the first step in responding to behavioral shifts during the pandemic…

Inclusive Advertising Needs To Extend To Audience Planning

Brands are attracted to audience targeting because it helps them home in on customers and prospects that represent likely buyers and the highest return on their advertising investments. The tool of choice for achieving this, in almost every channel, is modeling…

Recovery Rises: The Cross-Channel Outlook For 2020

There’s no dearth of experts giving their opinions on marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s one with a unique perspective: JoAnne Monfradi Dunn started out in direct mail, and has brought those skills into cross-channel marketing…

Alliant: Using Identity to Activate Audiences in Any Channel

LiveRamp helps Alliant onboard, pseudonymize, and distribute its highly predictive audiences. Given Alliant’s sophisticated data science approach and an ethos grounded in privacy by design, made LiveRamp a natural choice for Alliant’s onboarding partner….

Google’s Anti-Discriminatory Targeting Rules Require Legal and Analytic Collaboration

While the ad world is still game-planning for how to operate once Google sunsets the cookie, the media giant went ahead and made another decision that effects targeting and goes into action much sooner…

Why You Need to Build a Data Governance Team Right Now

Modern marketing has increasingly become a data-driven practice by necessity. Any organization lacking a data strategy is lagging behind its technologically advanced competitors. The data that marketers use on a daily basis for market research and advertising decisions — consumer purchases, behaviors, and interests — has never been more important, nor has it ever been under greater scrutiny.

How to Keep the Conversation Going in an Economic Downturn

The global pandemic has thrust us all into uncharted and unexpected territory. The uncertainty around what the new world looks like has put the advertising and marketing industries in a strange place, one where over-promoting to consumers can feel…

Debunking Addressable TV Advertising's Biggest Myth: Scale

While scale is nice, the key benefit of addressable is not massive reach, but in the ability to target efficiently. It is counter-intuitive to try to hit all 64 million households with one addressable campaign – instead, the true value comes from hitting your desired audience…

The Cookie's Collapse is No More Consequential than the Shift to Mobile

The cookie is on its last days, enjoying an extended farewell tour, thanks to Google’s decision to view third-party cookies as obsolete within Chrome by 2022. While many have painted the cookie’s waning days…

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The latest exciting updates from Alliant

Industry Veteran Ed Larkin Joins Alliant as Vice President, New Business Development

Alliant, a leading audience solutions company, today announced that Ed Larkin has joined its Sales team as VP of New Business Development. At Alliant, Ed is responsible for driving and executing new business and service expansion strategies, as well as developing holistic approaches to specific client opportunities.

Alliant Achieves IAB Tech Lab Certification for Data Transparency

Alliant, a leading data-driven audience company, is now one of the first companies to be verified under IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency Standard compliance program. The Data Transparency Label program gives data buyers tools and insights to provide them with confidence they’re getting what is advertised in an audience segment. With a deep history of building high quality audience solutions, Alliant’s certification reaffirms to brands, agencies and other data partners the company’s unwavering commitment to operating with the highest standards of data compliance and transparency.

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