September 11, 2023


Alliant said it has launched a new set of audience segments based on what streaming services people subscribe to and the programs they watch.

The launch includes more than 250 audience segments based on streaming subscriptions and viewing, combined with transactional, demographic and lifestyle insights.

New categories include subscribers grouped by service, audiences based on streaming subscription behavior, such as loyalists and switchers, and known/deterministic TV viewership by genre, movies and shows or smart -TV manufacturer.

The segments can be used by subscription TV services and other marketers.

Alongside Alliant’s existing 2,000 audience segments, advertisers now have access to TV-specific audiences that can be used across programmatic, addressable TV, direct mail and email channels.

“Streaming TV has permanently altered consumer behavior and changed the media landscape, and advertisers are eager to find new forms of data that help them monetize the shift,” Alliant chief innovation officer Donna Hamilton said. “Alliant is thrilled to expand upon our audiences to offer a more comprehensive set of TV viewership segments that can help advertisers navigate these new and emerging behaviors. By opening the door to subscriber and viewing habits, we can help brands align their products with certain content preferences, while also opening the door for the streaming services themselves to better reach their customers or lapsed subscribers.”

Alliant’s TV segments are available across all major data exchanges, TV platforms and demand-side platforms (DSPs), including LiveRamp Data Store, Beeswax, FreeWheel, Cadent, Madhive, and The Trade Desk and can be pushed to any MVPD, programmer or broadcaster.