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Telco Brand Leverages Custom Audience Models to Drive Higher Video Engagement

Neutronian Certified Performance Case Study

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High-quality, privacy safe data is in advertiser demand, but it’s not always easy to understand how different data sets actually perform against each other. Pre-campaign audience planning must carry through to activation, setting up campaigns in a way that allows for accurate comparisons.

Alliant sought to prove that their investments in data quality and audience development ultimately translate to stronger performance for advertisers.


Telecommunications Brand

Certified Data Provider


Neutronian and its buy-side partner developed a process where the Neutronian certified Alliant segments could be compared head-to-head with non-certified segments on campaign performance.
  • Working with Neutronian, Alliant created an ethnicity-focused audience strategy for a leading telco brand aiming to reach multicultural audiences with video messaging in-market for new phone plans.
  • To drive higher video engagement, The Alliant Data Science team utilized a data modeling approach to build custom audiences based on competitive telco plan purchasers and specific ethnic demographic and behavioral qualifiers.
  • Three custom models were developed using data from the Alliant DataHub, a unique Member database that can analyze billions of consumer transactions. The custom models combined and analyzed data from purchases across multiple telco brands and specific ethnic demographic and behavioral attributes.
  • Each model identified and predicted Hispanic audiences with the highest propensity for a new phone and data plan.


With video messaging being the primary tactic of this effort, the telco brand successfully utilized Alliant’s modeled audiences to achieve higher video completion rates (VCR) across their Q4 2023 programmatic advertising campaign.

The data from the test showed that Alliant’s Neutronian Certified audiences performed better than other third-party audiences and contextual audiences by:

Driving higher video engagement rate

Statistic showing Alliant Video Completion Rate - 86%

The Alliant models achieved an 86% VCR, which exceeded both competitive third-party audiences of 81% and contextual audiences of 85% VCRs respectively.

“Alliant strives to deliver high quality solutions and we’ve been long-time advocates for industry quality standards. The agencies and brands that we work with also place value on quality, but at the end of the day it all comes down to how the data performs. By partnering with Neutronian we now have clear performance proof points that high-quality, certified data delivers on advertiser’s KPIs.”

Donna Hamilton, Chief Innovation Officer at Alliant