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Like many marketers, Nestlé Waters’ In-Home Beverage Delivery Program was seeking new opportunities to acquire subscribers online. They needed a solution that would not only generate new customers within their target CPA — but provide proof that audience targeting with digital display is effective.


Alliant recommended its turn-key digital display advertising solution. Utilizing its transactional, behavioral, demographic and lifestyle data resources, Alliant created a custom model to identify prospects that would respond to the digital offer and remain loyal customers to the Nestlé Waters brand. To prove that new conversions were driven by exposure to the display campaign, and not as a result of any peripheral marketing efforts, an A/B split test was performed using Nestlé Waters branded creative vs. an unrelated PSA for a national charity.


The results were positive and definitive: despite any other marketing campaigns conducted during that time period, the consumers exposed to the display campaign produced significantly more conversions than the PSA creative, at 1/2 the cost.


Additionally, the final CPA for the consumer segments converting through the digital program was 36% lower than campaign projection, with most segments ranking 14% below the actual CPA target.

Insight at Work

A digital display campaign proves to be an effective subscriber acquisition strategy


Lower CPA Than Campaign Projection


Lower CPA Than Target Across Digital Efforts