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Direct Mail




Direct Mail

The Challenge

A thriving customer base is every marketer’s dream — and for one magazine client, converting free content users into paying subscribers was vision-critical. The publisher had one million registered website users, a direct mail subscription offer, and Alliant to help predict which consumers were most likely to respond.

Our Solution

With deep demographic, transactional and behavioral insights on the American consumer – Alliant built a custom model identifying 650,000 of the web registrants as potential prospects for the direct mail campaign.

  • Nearly 3,000 registrants were identified as being the best prospects for the direct mail offer (segments 1 and 2 of the model results)

  • An additional 80,000 registrants in lower score groups were identified as prospects who can be mailed profitably

  • The result was a solid target audience, a 63% decrease in campaign’s cost per order, and one happy client

Insight at Work

Selecting the most profitable prospects helped this publisher increase conversions and reduce costs


Subscribers identified in top scored groups


Prospects identified as profitable to mail


Decrease in cost per order