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Home Goods


Direct Mail


Home Goods


Direct Mail


A leading home goods marketer was experiencing fatigue in programs that used traditional list coops to target audiences with its highly promotional offers.  Seeking improved results, the marketer challenged Alliant to identify a fresh pool of responsive names.


Alliant developed a model to mine the purchase history and marketing performance of prospects within the Alliant Consumer Audiences™ database, and identify those consumers that mirror the affinity and income profiles of the marketer’s best customers. The client tested the top 20% of the names identified:

  • Goals for response continue to be exceeded after 12 months in roll-out
  • The scale and sourcing of the ACA file allows the client to target names not available through other coops
  • Success prompted development of new models targeting new product interests and behavioral profiles, with four currently in roll-out


The model test results exceeded the client’s expectations and it was soon using broad segments of the scored names with impressive results


The Model Continues to Exceed Goals for Response


Additional Models Currently in Roll-Out