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Solution Applied




Direct Mail




Direct Mail


Like many marketers, BottomLine Inc. relies on a large prospecting database to generate leads for its direct mail acquisition programs. However, they were continually challenged to mail segments below the top tiers of the data provider’s list selection model that would show suitable ROI.


BottomLine Inc. asked Alliant to apply their existing campaign optimization model to identify profitable names within the lower score groups. Their experience with Alliant’s rich transactional payment history and product interest data had shown them that an independent view could make the list selection process more effective.


BottomLine Inc. began sending the lower score groups identified by their coop vendor to Alliant for further analysis. The Alliant model lets BottomLine Inc. qualify up to 20% more names from this source in each mailing.


Clearly, combining the prospect database on the front end with Alliant insight on the back end is generating benefits for all parties.


The BottomLine Inc. manager in charge of the program reported, “Because the model was able to identify higher payment rates, we can mail three incremental demos of the vendor’s model.”


Insight at Work

Alliant micropayment information qualifies more names for profitable promotions


More Names Qualified in Each Mailing