Like many marketers, Nestlé Waters’ In-Home Beverage Delivery Program was seeking new opportunities to acquire subscribers online. They needed a solution that would not only generate new customers within their target CPA — but provide proof that audience targeting with digital display is effective.


Alliant recommended its turn-key digital display advertising solution. Utilizing its transactional, behavioral, demographic and lifestyle data resources, Alliant created a custom model to identify prospects that would respond to the digital offer and remain loyal customers to the Nestlé Waters brand.


The results were positive and definitive: despite any other marketing campaigns conducted during that time period, the consumers exposed to the display campaign produced significantly more conversions than the PSA creative, at 1/2 the cost.


Additionally, the final CPA for the consumer segments converting through the digital program was 36% lower CPA than campaign projection, with most segments ranking 14% below the actual CPA target.





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