Clients regularly look to expand their brands and generate leads across channels. A well-known TV and radio show hosts a website where more than one million consumers have registered for online content. This publisher asked Alliant to help them convert online leads to magazine subscriptions via direct mail.


The publisher provided Alliant with leads from its site. Alliant developed a custom model to predict the number of leads that would respond to a direct mail offer. The model showed 65% of the web registrants would subscribe to the magazine — an above-average response rate.


The Alliant model generated new revenue opportunities and gave the client the chance to reduce costs:


• Almost 3,000 registrants were identified as being the best direct mail prospects


• An additional 80,000 names (in segments 3-5) were identified as consumers who can be mailed profitably


• The cost per order decreased by 63%





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decrease in cost per order

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