Beloved children’s publisher, Highlights, has been providing educational content for over seven decades.  A longtime DataHub Member, Highlights has explored many facets of Alliant solutions, continuing to find success in audience targeting for direct mail acquisition across their products.


While their custom models for direct mail acquisition continued to exhibit strong performance, the Highlights team embraced a recent opportunity to optimize for improved results. They looked to rebuild its magazine subscription payment models to achieve two goals: encompass more behaviors from a growing audience and to dig deeper into audiences to find a larger quantity of qualified prospects.


The Alliant Data Science team developed a new custom Net Paid model to identify prospects most likely to respond and pay for Hello Magazine. Highlights armed the Alliant data scientist with prior campaign data, enabling them to extract the right performance data for responders and payers. The campaign data was matched to the Alliant DataHub and used to build the new Net Paid model. The new model was tested alongside two other custom Net Paid Models previously built for the Highlights team. Together all three models produced a custom audience of 1 million new qualified prospects, 33,000 of which came from the new model.


Highlights has obtained new subscribers that identify with the Highlights brand and generate revenue. The projected return on marketing investment (ROMI) was Highlights primary measurement for performance for the Fall 2020 campaign. The Alliant custom audience performed with strong payment, delivering 300% higher ROMI when compared to the campaign goal. Due to the success of the rebuilt model, the Highlights team plans on expanding the prospecting universe identified by Alliant in their upcoming campaigns.




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