A marketer offering nutraceutical products on an auto-ship program required a decisioning tool to improve conversion and profitability within its in-bound call center. Specific goals included increasing up-sell revenue and minimizing cancellations.


Alliant developed a custom model to rank inbound callers — in real-time — for product affinity and loyalty behaviors. Higher scores prompted operators with sales scripts that encouraged bonus shipments or up-sell offers to qualified consumers. Riskier consumers received incentives to pre-pay for enrollment.


The solution identified up-sell segments with 144% increase in average profit per customer above campaign average; these groups received load-up offers and cross-sells of other products.


The model successfully identified low-profit per customer segments; these groups received incentives to pre-pay for shipments.


The client developed plans to test additional qualification of top groups for future marketing efforts with direct mail flags, age appends and other descriptive data.




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