A subscription marketer serving various interest categories uses a bill-me later offer to stimulate response. Since managing payment risk is a constant concern, the marketer turned to Alliant for a predictive solution that would let it expedite orders for its best customers, and minimize shipments to less qualified consumers.


The client wanted to review all new orders, regardless of the marketing channel. Alliant recommended a customized scoring process combining ProfitSelect — a proven payment prediction model — with Alliant's suppression solution that flags addresses with a long history of fraud.  The new process gives the client insight they can use to make fulfillment and credit decisions on every order.


The solution enables the client to fulfill the orders from consumers most likely to pay and remain loyal customers at a faster rate, so they can process follow-up shipments sooner and speed up revenue; develop tiered credit policies, and cadences with their dunning efforts, which reduced operating costs by 21%; reject known frauds immediately; 24% increase in upfront payments; and reduce write-offs by 19%.




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