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Your first party data, supersized.

Data Enrichment

Attributes that complete the profile of your prospects and customers
so you can engage with them more effectively.



Delivery of insights with 100ms average response times



1B+ match keys means insights are available for more of your cohort across channels



Alliant is a SOC 2 certified leading data provider trusted by thousands of buyers

Robust Data Sets

Use third party data to find the predictive attributes that are missing on your prospects and customers. Know which individuals are likely to take certain actions, what their buying behaviors are, if they just moved, and more.

  • Demographics & Lifestyle
  • Purchase Behaviors
  • Movers
  • Automotive
  • Match Keys
  • B2B
  • Predictive Scores

Real-Time or Batch Delivery

Alliant’s real-time API delivers enterprise-level response times with an average of 100ms. Prefer to have the data for analytic and segmentation initiatives? We can package and deliver the insights in batch on your timeline. Pay as you go, tailor a subscription, or license a data set for unlimited use.

Customer Insights Across Channels

With over one billion match keys including postal, email and IP, Alliant can deliver data when and where you need it. On your website, in your CDP and CRM systems, or at your call center.

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"Alliant has much more data about BottomLine consumers than we have on file. The combination helps us zero in on our target audience more efficiently. We can now promote to incremental prospects profitably."

Rita Shankewitz

Director of Marketing — BottomLine Inc.

Looking for Credit Solutions?

Did you know Alliant’s origins are in credit reporting? We serve as a robust source of alternative data for credit decisions, thin-file scoring, and billing management.

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