Delivering Performance |

Direct Mail In The
United States 2023

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Direct mail is making a bold comeback, and it’s more effective than ever before. Be at the forefront of this direct mail resurgence and harness the full potential of a tried-and-true marketing channel. Delivering Performance | Direct Mail in the United States 2023 provides the tools and insights to navigate direct mail marketing in today’s landscape.

The latest whitepaper from Winterberry Group includes:

  • Direct mail spending and postage and non-postage expense, 2019-2023
  • Factors that are driving investment in the direct mail channel
  • Opportunities and challenges in leveraging direct mail as part of an omnichannel strategy
  • The future of direct mail marketing in the U.S.

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"New and creative omnichannel approaches are breathing new life into direct mail and we expect the channel to continue its evolution and find a more stable place in the modern marketer’s channel mix."

Donna Hamilton

Chief Innovation Officer, Alliant