A top three auto insurance company needed to identify and email responsive, unique audiences at scale.


With an existing customer base of millions, their biggest challenge was identifying large volumes of targeted records that could survive their extensive suppression process. In addition, they wanted to ensure this was a targeted audience that had a dependable propensity to convert.


Alliant recommended multiple In-Market Auto segments that fit the insurance company's target audience to provide large quantities of names without sacrificing quality.

  • In Market for Auto Insurance
  • In Market for New Auto
  • In Market for Used

In addition, Alliant recommended a selection of on-demand Brand Propensity audiences, which included brands that were competitive to the client or aligned with their customer base.


The Alliant Auto Segments and Brand Propensities combined to create a deployment audience of over 4 million unique email prospects that have exhibited successful results to date – addressing both of the insurance provider's concerns. Since then, they have contracted for a multi-term engagement in which Alliant continues to find a large volume of unique and qualified email prospects. The insurer is also exploring expansion into other channels with custom targeting in additional auto insurance product lines.




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