2,804,976 Total Universe / Universe Rate $80.00/M
459,013 1 Month +$80.00/M
945,028 3 Month +$80.00/M
1,890,057 12 Month +$80.00/M
Cataloger Rate $70.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $70.00/M
Add Email Address + $45.00/M

Investors, entrepreneurs and buyers with an interest in money, finance or investing.  These consumer have purchased money and financial services and products and are responsive to offers related to financial publications, credit, investment, insurance and fundraising.

Special Instruction
Targetable segments also available for online display advertising
Updated 1/15/23
Confirmed 1/15/23
Gender Profile
Male 35%
Female 55%
FTP $75.00/F
Minimum Order
$600.00 Minimum Payment
Cancellation Fee $150.00/F
Exchange is not allowed
Reuse is allowed
Net Name Arrangements
Net Name is allowed 85%
Min Qty 50,000
Run Charges $8.00/M

Alliant – The Audience Company

Alliant builds, optimizes and delivers audiences using transactional data, advanced data science and high performance scoring technology to make every channel and every campaign more profitable. Alliant’s solutions look far beyond response as a business metric, building models based on both positive and negative marketing performance behaviors, including payment, returns, cancelations, write-offs, and more. Secure and compliant by design, Alliant production systems are SOC 2 certified.

“Alliant has been an amazing partner. Their service is unmatched whether you’re looking for guidance on targeting segments or just have random questions. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Alliant!”

Stephanie Foster

Advanced TV Sales Director, East – Verizon Media

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