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Three Disciplines. One Result.

Alliant gives marketers access to a unique source of predictive data, powerful data science, and a trove of strategic insight into the consumer behaviors that drive profits. We help you deliver more productive marketing campaigns at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

More Predictive Power for Marketing Success

Alliant’s DataHub is one of the largest and richest sources of consumer transactions available anywhere. That means you can harness the power of detailed purchase behaviors captured from hundreds of lines of business to target the right audiences for more profitable campaigns.

Analytics Driven by a Passion for Profit

Every customer interaction has a cost associated with it. Alliant aggregates detailed micropayment information that allows our data scientists to predict those behaviors with precision, enabling solutions that optimize audiences, and campaigns, based on the likely long-term profitability of each consumer.

More Insight for Subscription Marketers

Subscription marketing is a precision science. Alliant’s unique data assets and analytic expertise are the foundation of thousands of predictive models used to manage subscription customers in every stage of the marketing funnel. If you’re on a mission to find consumers who will pay and stay, put our experience and strategic insight to work.

Alliant’s analytical capabilities are exceptional and their team is consistently proactive in addressing the new challenges we face every day, especially in online marketing.

John Princiotta

Senior VP — Publishers Clearing House

Proven Subscription Success

Alliant has more ways to help you improve acquisition results and generate more lifetime value.

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