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Audience Tools for the People-Based Subscription Marketer

Transactional data is the foundation for Custom and Syndicated Audiences that are available in any channel: direct mail, email, or on your preferred digital platform. Here is a suite of tools to help you identify the right Audience solution for your campaign needs.

5 Data Habits of Successful
Subscription Marketers

How Healthy Are Your Data Habits? 

We have nailed down the five we think every marketer should practice. Put these habits into action and get ready for a year of your marketing absolutely thriving, not just surviving!

How to Acquire Super-Subscribers & Combat Churn

A Data Driven Marketing Ebook

Subscription marketers often build audiences by focusing on the attributes that constitute positive behavior, like affinity, recency and order value. But understanding the behaviors that cost your company (or your client’s company) big money is the key to generating campaign profit.

Subscription Databases by Vertical

Food, Health, Beauty, Apparel, Food & Pet…

Dial in on the audience most likely to be interested in your product – then take it one step further…

On Demand or Custom Audiences

Over 1,800 segments enable you to quickly activate campaigns reaching quality, compliant audiences. Every segment is built at the PII-level from Alliant’s powerful 2nd party database.

Purchase Behaviors

Brand Propensities

Interest Propensities

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Choose Your Weapon:

Which Model is Right for You?

Modeling for success is complex – that’s why we have a killer team of data scientists!

Follow our easy guide to understanding where to start with your data, how to identify the right behaviors, and which model type will drive results.

Optimize Audiences in Direct Mail

Increase Engagement with Messaging

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Alliant in Action

Subscription Case Studies