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A robust source of alternative data for credit decisions, thin file scoring, and billing management.

Powerful Predictive Data for Firm Offers of Credit

Alliant offers financial services and insurance marketers a full range of credit-scoring solutions utilizing the detailed payment information in TransactionBase®, Alliant’s FCRA-compliant database. TransactionBase® contains information on over 90 million consumers who have credit balances for direct purchases from online and offline marketers.

  • Credit Scoring for Smaller Balances

    Alliant Acclaim™ is a credit score that qualifies consumers for firm offers of credit in batch and real-time delivery. Custom models are also available.

  • On-demand Credit Variables

    In addition to direct scoring services, Alliant can provide selected credit information to marketers and CRAs with permissible purpose applications.

  • Thin-file/No-file Scoring

    Alliant is an experienced thin-file scoring partner that offers flexible solutions to help credit grantors qualify more consumers.

  • Prescreening Services

    Alliant provides full prescreening services for qualification of lead lists as a primary or secondary information source.

  • Open Balance Scoring

    TargetCollect™ is a proven on-demand performance model that allows credit managers and recovery agencies to optimize their billing and collection strategies. More effective management of billing streams helps reduce costs and write-offs for businesses with high-volume requirements.

  • Consumer Reporting

    Alliant is a specialized Consumer Reporting Agency, providing full support for FTC-mandated consumer disclosure, dispute, and opt-out services.

"Alliant's analytical capabilities are exceptional and their team is consistently proactive in addressing the constant flow of new challenges we face every day, especially in the ever-changing world of online marketing."

John Princiotta

Senior VP — Publishers Clearing House

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