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Optimize Conversion and Lifetime Value

Getting customers to your website or call center is only half the battle. Closing the deal is where the profits are. On-demand data delivery from Alliant gives you exactly the insight you need to truly engage with your prospect and deliver precisely the right product, price, or payment plan.

  • 360º of Consumer Intelligence

    Alliant’s multi-enterprise view of consumer behavior provides the data insights you need to turn a fresh lead or new-to-file customer into a fully functional member of your CRM system.

  • Data the Way You Want It

    Engage is customized to meet your needs. Access demographics, affinity and lifestyle data, purchase histories, and performance scores — all in real-time or batch delivery.

  • Email, Mobile, & Postal Appends

    Alliant has over two billion match keys for consumers, including email addresses, mobile numbers and device IDs. Looking for more information on your latest lead? If they’re out there, they’re in here.

  • Real-time Insights for Websites & Call Centers

    Every consumer engagement is more profitable when you deliver the most relevant website content or operator script. Real-time models provide simple triggers to optimize the next action for each lead.

  • Reduce Payment Risk

    Subscription and continuity marketers typically take on risk before a new customer reaches long-term profitability. Alliant payment scores let you: establish payment plans for credit & bill-me-later offers; optimize shipments in continuity operations; and manage billing and collections.