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A Robust Data Source for Acquisition Campaigns

Alliant Direct Mail Audiences delivers superior campaign results with data derived from Alliant’s multi-enterprise view of consumer purchasing behaviors and selected third-party sources. Whether you prefer modeled segments or straight selects, our audiences are fresh, scalable, and are highly responsive to promotional offers.


Million U.S. Consumers


Audience Selects


Direct Response Transactions


Continuation Rate

  • Powerful Selects for Profitable Results

    Fine-tune your audience selection by choosing from a wide range of purchase and lifestyle characteristics, combined with key marketing performance metrics such as payment, loyalty, and multi-buyer behaviors.

  • Custom Data Models

    Alliant’s look-alike and response models provide scalable solutions for generating profitable audiences — and have have earned an astounding 70% test-to-continuation rate.

  • A Unique Data Resource

    Alliant aggregates consumer response behavior from the promotional offers of more than 400 subscription, continuity, and one-shot brands. Broad response data provides a unique alternative to traditional catalog, list-only co-ops.

  • Micropay History Delivers Performance

    Alliant is the industry’s largest source of detailed micropayment data. Information on payments, returns, billings, and write-offs is vital to building stronger audiences for subscription and continuity offers.

  • Digital Co-targeting

    For direct mail marketers looking to expand their acquisition programs into digital channels, ACA offers sophisticated audience matches for co-targeting in email, Facebook campaigns, and in turnkey digital display programs.

Add a Dash of Digital

Expand your reach with multichannel campaigns. Alliant's Digital Audiences can help you combine direct mail with digital and mobile display ads, Facebook campaigns, retargeting, and pre- and post-drop email pushes. Contact us to learn more.