Market to Movers When it Matters Most

A New Movers Study in partnership with Speedeon Data

Moving is one of the most significant life events for consumers.

New movers make approximately 72 brand-related decisions and spend nearly $9,000 on products & services related to moving. For brands that are products and services highly relevant to those in the “moving mindset”, reaching individuals at the exact right time is key.

What you will get in this report:

  • Overall spending trends pre- and post-move
  • Highlights within key categories
  • Comparisons to non-movers during the same timeframes

Alliant and Speedeon Data partnered to evaluate actual spend behavior of one million U.S. movers before, during and after their move date to help brands identify opportunities to effectively target and engage new movers.

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This is the first installment in a series of new mover studies.

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