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Thanksgiving – is there a better American holiday?

At Alliant, we have much to be grateful for:

•  Employees who are customer advocates in everything they do.
•  Clients who present opportunity – and invite us to innovate.
•  Company leadership that instills confidence, personal and professional growth, and exemplify giving back – citizenship in our community and in our industry.
•  A marketplace that recognizes and rewards the insight that is derived from data.
•  A trade association, the Direct Marketing Association, which represents the responsible, effective practice of data-driven marketing, – and advances its interests in the economy, in policy and in ethics and self-regulation.
•  Organizations such as Marketing EDGE, and the educators that help attract the best and brightest to our field.

In our hectic and often crazy world, anything that gives us pause to say “thank you” for all that’s important to us – and to celebrate that thankfulness with others who are dear… well, that’s what matters most.

So as we look forward to family, friends, feasting and football, let’s think of those who may not have such plans available to them.  Gratitude and blessings – they are ours to share.

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Kaitlin Dunn

Alliant Insight

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