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Boost Your Facebook ROI with Qualified Prospect Audiences



Alliant Audiences Can Now Be Delivered to Facebook

As of April 2017, over 5 million business are actively advertising on Facebook. That’s 25% more than reported in September 2016. The good news: Facebook is working as a marketing channel. The not-so-good news: steeper competition could lead to higher bids over the next few years — potentially driving down your campaign ROI.

One solution is rethinking your audience selection strategy — looking for smarter selections that can help you beat the trend.

Most out-of-the-box audience segments within Facebook are based on geography, demographics, or social interest, but they lack a key predictor: purchase behavior. By targeting audiences rooted in actual consumer transactions, you’ll target more responsive consumers, effectively reducing your ad waste and achieving a more favorable ROI.

We’re excited to announce that now, more than 200 of Alliant’s transaction-driven syndicated audiences can be pushed to individual Facebook accounts. Audience categories include purchase behavior, automotive, Brand Propensities (our newest audience segments), demographics, and home ownership.

The process is easy. Just let Alliant know your Facebook ID, which audiences you’d like to access and they will be enabled in your account within 24-48 hours. You can test and target the audiences when you want, as much as you want — and all costs will be rolled into your existing media spend with Facebook. It’s that simple.

To get started, simply request access to the audiences here, or email Donna Hamilton at for a list of the 200 segments available for targeting.

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