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Being an Alliant Member Means Better Facebook Targeting, Too



Onboard Qualified Customer Segments from Your Data Mart for Higher Campaign ROI

Imagine this: Your CEO says your team needs to increase revenue from existing and former customers. “You should be mailing everyone,” he says.

Hold the phone. Everyone?

No direct marketer in their right mind would mail their entire house-file without any segmentation. It would be money out the window — a guaranteed unprofitable mailing.

Targeting on Facebook is no different. Every ad impression or click has a cost associated with it. Optimizing audiences prior to targeting presents a great opportunity to increase your campaign performance and ultimately, bottom line profit.

Members of the Alliant Community have the exclusive benefit of selecting and modeling customer segments directly from their private Data Mart, and onboarding them to Facebook for targeting.

The process is simple. As a Member, you identify the audience you’d like qualified and grant Alliant access to your account. The rest is on us. We’ll deliver your optimized audience for targeting. And you’ll give your boss the revenue he wants, without wasting your marketing budget.

To get started, contact your Alliant account manager — or for more information on the onboarding details, download our Facebook FAQ guide.


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