Publishers Clearing House (PCH), a major multi-channel marketer, drives over 100,000 leads per month to its online sites. They required a solution to maximize conversions — in real-time, while actively engaged with the consumer — by presenting the most profitable product offer available.


Alliant delivers a real-time score for every new lead generated, allowing the marketer to instantly identify relevant messaging, the best cross-sell offer and optimal payment terms. In addition to the performance improvements generated at the point of sale, the marketer leveraged the real-time score in its back-end customer management and promotion systems.


The most qualified consumers for high-priced merchandise offers created significant profit across the entire lead generation program.


Dramatic reduction in bad debt rates for “bill me later” offers.


Consumers failing to qualify for “bill me later” offers are sent to affinity marketing partners, allowing the marketer to profit from all visitors.


With rapid evaluation of lead sources for qualification, PCH was able to expand its lead generation footprint.





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Created significant profit across entire lead generation program

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