A popular website selling unique gifts and tech gadgets had a large list of subscribers who opted into free email communications but had not yet made a purchase. The e-tailer turned to Alliant to find a cost effective solution for converting the email leads into active customers.


Alliant matched the leads to newsletter subscribers of a network of premium brands including The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Better Homes and Gardens, The Wall Street Journal and Us Magazine. Audiences with propensity to open and click email communications were then targeted with banner ads served directly within newsletters.


The program was optimized over time and continuously reached subscribers showing the highest interest in the e-tailer’s offer.


The campaign was a resounding success. More than 1.7 billion impressions were served with an average click through rate of .32%- besting their traditional web display averages by 200%.


In addition, the CPA of Alliant’s solution proved to be 2x less expensive than all other digital platforms for the e-tailer.


Today, the client continues to maximize usage of the program and largely attributes their 750% year-over-year growth to its success.





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