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Real People. Real Transactions. Real Results.

Alliant Online Audiences™ (AOA) delivers consumer purchasing history at scale to power targeted digital campaigns. Alliant’s online and offline transactional data is updated monthly to generate highly-qualified, non-PII audiences for display and video targeting across desktop and mobile devices.


Consumer Purchase Transactions


U.S. Households


30-day Unique IDs (desktop devices)


30-day Unique IDs (mobile devices)

  • Insight Sourced from Hundreds of Brands

    Audiences are sourced from consumer purchase activity across over 475 product offers. Select from a broad range of affinity, demographic, and behavioral segments for brand and direct response campaigns.

  • Proven Direct-to-Marketer Purchase History

    Alliant audience segments can be uniquely qualified for direct response and lead generation promotions with recent activity in digital and traditional direct-to-consumer promotions.

  • Specialty Segments

    Access a wide range of 800+ ready-to-test segments, including consumer composites (e.g. “Moms Who Shop Like Crazy”), automotive, and Brand Propensities.

  • Model Development and Audience Onboarding

    Improve the performance of any campaign with custom audiences. Alliant’s data science team can help you create and onboard modeled look-alike audiences, as well as house-file audiences for cross-sell and reactivation.

  • Broad Distribution and Scale

    Alliant audiences are easy to access, test, and scale-up. AOA is available on all major exchanges and DSPs, through many agency trading desks.

Readily Available in All Major Platforms

Alliant audiences are available for targeting through all major platforms via partnerships with over 70 DSPs, DMPs, and ad exchanges. View our list of digital partners here.

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